A layman's guide to all things about Insurance

Accidents are scary. Unfortunately many of us face an accident of some sort in a lifetime. We can take precautions that can reduce our exposure and losses in the event of an accident. The solution is called insurance. Yes, insurance. Though insurance can't prevent the accident, it can help when you need it the most- after the unfortunate event. There are thousands of insurance agencies but you should opt for insurance depending on your needs. Shop for an insurance agency in Rochester, NY and get to know availability of what you need. For the “Why Insurance” part, you can read on.

New York State's new cybersecurity regulation effect on insurance agents

New York State's new cybersecurity regulation effect on insurance agents

In 2017, New York State is planning on implementing new cybersecurity regulations on financial services companies.   Initially, the regulations were going to apply to all insurance agents, regardless of their size.  However, the insurance agent advocacy firm, IIABNY, suggested during in-person meetings with NYS that it lessen the burden on smaller insurance agents.  

How Do Online Auto Insurance Quotes Help You?

With all the advertising noise, complicated regulations, and confusing jargons, shopping for auto insurance in Rochester, NY can be a stressful and difficult job. That is the reason millions of car owners and drivers leave the task to insurance agents and brokers. Qualified auto insurance agents provide feasible insurance quotes from different sources and can keep your rates low by reviewing your needs and personal circumstances each renewal.

How Business Liability Insurance Can protect your Small Businesses

The best advice that any new start up business can get is to become familiar with business liability insurance, which is also known as Commercial General Liability insurance. It is important for businesses to protect themselves against liability that they may encounter in the future. Having liability insurance can serve your small business in many ways, especially when you are a start-up business. If you do not have adequate coverage or haven't really gotten around to requesting information and quotes, it is time to give it some serious thought.