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InsuranceTrak Services | Rochester NY Insurance Agency

Rochester NY insurance agency- Compare over 20 carrier quotes on car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, business insurance & more.

InsuranceTrak Services is an independent insurance agency that is centrally located in Rochester NY.  Our Rochester NY insurance agency started in 2011 and has grown to become a top insurance agency in upstate NY.  Comparing over 20 carrier quotes for varying types of insurance puts InsuranceTrak on the map as a flexible and modern option to the old insurance company model that might only offer one or two carrier quotes.
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Defensive driving courses:
Remember, even though InsuranceTrak is a Rochester NY insurance agency for the following types of insurance: 

​We still service insurance throughout all of New York State AND the entire country!

Don't get burned by the large insurers you see on TV who often only offer 1 product and a 1-800 # for low level service to boot.  It's the smart choice to get insurance from the coverage experts that hundreds have already trusted at Insurancetrak!

Use our quote box, "QuoteTrak", above to easily shop for instant online insurance quotes right on our website (as explained below) or call us at 585-282-0934 for an insurance quote.  Read our trusted reviews on our google plus page and save on average 21% with 'get sleep at night' insurance coverage!  If you live in Rochester NY then you need to consider getting a quote from Rochester's insurance agency, InsuranceTrak Services.

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Types of Insurance we offer

We hope you find our website easy to navigate, informative, and beneficial on your quest to find a great insurance company. Immediately below this message you'll find links to the information center for our two main focuses:
  1. Personal Lines like Auto Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Motorcycle Insurance, RV Insurance, Umbrella Insurance, Boat Insurance, ATV Insurance,and  Snowmobile Insurance.  
  2. Commercial Lines like General Liability Insurance, commercial property insuranceCommercial Auto InsuranceWorkers Compensation InsuranceProfessional Liability Insurance, and Medical Malpractice Insurance.  We specialize in certain industries like techology business insurance AKA IT business insurance.  And we even have specialized insurance products for high net worth individuals.
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Upstate Rochester NY Insurance Agency

InsuranceTrak Services offers insurance to both people across the country and locally alike.  InsuranceTrak is an upstate NY insurance agency located in Rochester NY.  Our main Rochester NY insurance office is located at 38 Cooper Rd, Rochester, NY 14617.  
You can stop in to our Rochester NY insurance agency office or call us at 585-282-0934 to get quotes for New York insurance, or quotes for insurance whenever you're located across the country!
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How is InsuranceTrak different than your average insurance broker?

First of all, we are well reviewed online and have over 40 reviews on our google plus page alone. Check out our 5 star testimonials and reviews on our google page here

We have unique services like our industry leading pay-as-you-go Workers Comp software as a service, "TrakPay".  If you're looking for help with pay-as-you-go Workers Compensation needs, please visit www.trakpay.net.

We also have a one of a kind quote comparison tool you can utilize on our website.  At the top of our website you'll see our instant quoting feature- "QuoteTrak"!  By filling out a couple simple forms you'll actually receive instant quotes from multiple insurance companies.  The future of insurance is finally here America!  
Want to meet with us in person?  If you live in the central New York area, then you can easily drive north of Rochester to Irondequoit where our office is located to cisit.  If you're not in driving distance to our office then we're just a phone call or email away.  
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The insurance landscape has changed. The old school paper-only insurance agency is a thing of the past and new, technologically advanced insurance products have taken over the industry. That's why we've made it a priority to implement the latest technology to deliver our products with precision like service.

QuoteTrak allows you to shop instant insurance quotes from multiple carriers. Want to know how it works?  Simply click the 'Get Quote' button above and fill out a few easy to use forms and presto, you'll be presented with instant quotes from multiple carriers.

You can also watch our animated presentation of QuoteTrak to get a little more comfortable with the quoting tool before you dive right in. Once you get your instant quotes you want to make sure the coverage is right for you.

At this point we'll personally assess your individual coverage needs to make sure you're adequately protected.

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Combining the convenience of instant quoting from multiple companies with a personalized risk to coverage review brings the best of both worlds. Just because we're a leader in technology doesn't mean that we don't know about insurance.  

Our management staff has over 60 years of combined experience in the insurance industry.  We've done everything; claims, underwriting, rating, sales, service, and risk management. More importantly, as a representative of multiple insurance carriers, our expertise helps us to guide you, the consumer, to find the most appropriate coverage from the right carrier for your particular needs. It truly is the best of both worlds!

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InsuranceTrak Services is an independent insurance agency.  Why work with an independent insurance agency?  

First of all, we're independent which means we can shop your insurance with multiple, high-rated insurance carriers.  We're also an advocate for YOU, and not the insurance company like many of the direct carriers you see on TV and hear on the radio.  

Beyond all else, the level of customer service you get from an independent insurance agent is second to none.  Unlike our direct carrier competition, we don't route you through a 1-800 number for service.  Instead, we give you one point of contact for all your service needs.  

Additionally, we provide one-on-one advice which helps YOU AND YOUR FAMILY get the necessary coverage you need so that you can get to sleep at night knowing you're well taken care of.  

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