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TrakPay is a no-brainer for any business wanting to easily tie their WC insurance payments directly to their payroll. WC insurance payments are traditionally based on estimating a years’ worth of future payroll, and then dealing with a time-consuming audit process to "true-up".

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Throw-out the estimates and large lump-sum audit balance charges

With Paygo WC, you pay what you owe in real time based on actual payroll wages every time you run payroll.  TrakPay, our proprietary Paygo WC software, provides robust features like Intuitive Error Fixing, Override Settings, Smart Endorsements, and much more, which automate time-consuming policy management tasks, and results in laser-accurate payroll reporting & premium payments.

Insurance is complicated. We make it easy

With QuoteTrak, you can easily shop WC insurance from the top carriers, and then 'Apply, Buy & Register' for Paygo WC with your payroll company all in one seamless experience.

Moving your payroll service and want to move your WC policy along with it so you can keep 'paying-as-you-go'?

Now you can simply upload your policy to InsuranceTrak which uses state-of-the-art technology to copy your policy data into our Broker of Record (BOR) change interface, BORTrak, so you can easily transfer your policy and your paygo WC service to your new payroll company, all at once.


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