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TrakPay is a no-brainer for any business wanting to easily tie their WC insurance payments directly to their payroll. WC insurance payments are traditionally based on estimating a years’ worth of future payroll, and then dealing with a time-consuming audit process to "true-up".

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Throw-out the estimates and large lump-sum audit balance charges

With Paygo WC, you pay what you owe in real time based on actual payroll wages every time you run payroll.  TrakPay, our proprietary Paygo WC software, provides robust features like Intuitive Error Fixing, Override Settings, Smart Endorsements, and much more, which automate time-consuming policy management tasks, and results in laser-accurate payroll reporting & premium payments.

Insurance is complicated. We make it easy

With QuoteTrak, you can easily shop WC insurance from the top carriers, and then 'Apply, Buy & Register' for Paygo WC with your payroll company all in one seamless experience.

Moving your payroll service and want to move your WC policy along with it so you can keep 'paying-as-you-go'?

Now you can simply upload your policy to InsuranceTrak which uses state-of-the-art technology to copy your policy data into our Broker of Record (BOR) change interface, BORTrak, so you can easily transfer your policy and your paygo WC service to your new payroll company, all at once.


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How do you know if your payroll provider works with TrakPay?

Easy! Just give us a call or use our contact form to ask us and we'll be able to quickly tell you whether or not your payroll service is "TrakPay certified". And if they are not "TrakPay certified" no problem. We can get in touch with your payroll service to get them set up to process pay-as-you-go WC with TrakPay.

TrakPay already works with many insurance carriers like Hartford, Travelers, AmTrust, Guard, and more. Do you need to process pay as you go Workers comp through Hartford Xactpay? We have you covered! Need to process pay as you go workers compensation though Travelers Travpay? No problem! No matter who your current insurance carrier is or what payroll service you use, InsuranceTrak can customize a solution for you.

What is the advantage of using TrakPay for paygo WC?

TrakPay is already set up to process paygo WC with multiple insurance carriers so if you're a small business that is shopping around for the best rate AND you want to get set up on pay-as-you-go workers comp billing then look no further than InsuranceTrak. We'll shop multiple insurance carriers for you so that you don't have to contact each individual insurance carrier yourself. This will save you a ton of time and hassle.

Additionally, InsuranceTrak is insurance licensed all across the country which means that if a certain insurance carrier is not licensed in your state, we'll seek coverage from the companies that do business in your state instead to find you the best priced solution.

Shopping for workers comp quotes with InsuranceTrak is extremely easy. Unlike our competition who only offers a handful of insurance carriers that can process paygo WC, InsuranceTrak Services works with over 30 workers compensation insurance carriers!

This means that we'll go above and beyond to find you the best quote for your WC insurance. In fact, if you have a tough to insure business, many of the standard WC carriers that offer paygo WC might not want to insure your business. If so, we'll look at all the alternatives to find you the most competitive quote which might not be eligible for paygo billing, but it beats having to deal with the assigned risk pool!

Do you offer pay-as-you-go workers comp in every state?

Yes and no. While InsuranceTrak is licensed all across the country, not all states work with private insurance carriers. As of October 2015, there are 4 workers compensation monopolistic states that only allow employers to purchase workers comp for their employees through their state insurance fund. Those state are:

- Washington
- Ohio
- North Dakota
- Wyoming

Does this mean we can't help you process paygo WC in these monopolistic states? No! Even in monopolistic states like Washington State InsuranceTrak offers pay as you go workers comp services.

What exactly is paygo WC?

Pay as you go workers comp is an alternative billing method to the traditional billing for workers compensation insurance which involves making annual payroll estimates. With paygo WC, workers compensation premium is calculated based on the payroll reported each pay period as opposed to using estimates.

Pay as you go workers comp service highlights:

- Premiums are based on actual payroll not estimates
- Eliminate large installment payments
- Eliminate or reduce additional premiums due at audit
- Ease of annual policy audit
- Maximize cash flow
- Real-time evaluation of premium payment history and calculation

Who uses pay-as-you-go WC?

Everyone should! Well, not exactly, but if you have a workers compensation policy then you typically have 1 or 2 ways you can pay your WC insurance premium.

1.) The traditional billing option which relies on payroll estimates and then an audit at the end of the policy term which can result in either a balance owed or a refund

2.) The alternate option which doesn't rely on payroll estimates and instead bases premium paid off the payroll that was processed and reported each pay period.

This alternate billing option has been around for a while now. However, no one has quite perfected the pay as you go workers comp service like InsuranceTrak with its TrakPay software platform.

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