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Not only can you get quotes on personal insurance coverages with InsuranceTrak, here you'll find a wealth of information, tips, and advice for everything personal lines insurance. This includes auto insurance, homeowners insurance, and much more.

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Why is InsuranceTrak different?

One-on-one coverage review

Analysis of insurance coverage needs to help identify if you have any coverage gaps is accomplished by a one-on-one review to ensure all needs are being met.

Exhaustive comparison

Insurance is compared with multiple carriers to ensure best possible pricing/coverage for your particular needs.

One point of contact

One point of contact for all servicing needs and easily accessible for client servicing. We eliminate the confusion which might occur at other agencies that have multiple personnel attempting to keep track of your information.

Online service

Ease of online policy servicing and communications-  You can make requests for changes to your policy which include change of address, adding or replacing vehicles, reporting claims, and any other service requests.

No more homes underinsured

We’ll annually review your home’s replacement cost using a state of the art replacement cost calculator which will ensure your home is not underinsured. Additionally, we’ll provide easy to use tools for you to track your personal belongings.

Asset protection

Your coverage is compared to your assets to ensure you’re adequately protected.  In New York you can be sued and owe more money than what you have via a judgment. By law if you owe more than what you’re worth your wages will be garnished.

Full transparency

Auto insurance coverage can be tricky so we explain what your coverage provides in the case there is an accident you have peace of mind knowing you’re properly covered. This will also make it easier for you to select a comforting amount of coverage for your needs.

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