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Welcome to the New York State Snowmobile Insurance Center.  Here you'll find a wealth of information about NY snowmobile insurance which includes tips on keeping your rates low, coverage explanations, geo-specific trends and news, and much more.  Many say that New York is a hub for snowmobile riders.  With it's abundance of snow in the winter and having over 8000 miles of trails across the state, access to snowmobiling is among one of the best for a state.  

For more information on snowmobile in New York, click here.  For information on snowmobile trails and weather updates, click NYS snowmobile trails.

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Below are some valuable tips for snowmobile in New York State

Please remember to wear your snowmobile helmet, stay on the trail, don't drink and drive, and have a good time.

Trails open after big game season ends in each zone, and the ground is snow covered. Privately owned land may have further restrictions, check with the local club, or posted signs, for more information. See the Links Leaving DEC's Website on the right.

Any snowmobile operated in New York State must be registered with the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), even if it is registered in another state or province, except under certain special circumstances. For more information about snowmobile registration, please contact the DMV. A portion of each registration goes to the Snowmobile Trail Development and Maintenance Fund. This fund supports over 10,000 miles of public snowmobile trails in New York State, snowmobile safety education programs and enforcement of NYS snowmobile laws. (Please see the Department of Motor Vehicle link in the top, right column of this page.)

Snowmobilers must carry registration and proof of insurance documents on their person, not the snowmobile, at all times while snowmobiling. These documents must be produced at the request of any law enforcement officer or magistrate. Insurance documentation must be produced at the request of anyone who is injured or suffers property damage as a result of operation of a snowmobile. Holders of snowmobile safety certificates must carry the certificate when they are snowmobiling.

For more information on snowmobile in New York, click here.  For information on snowmobile trails and weather updates, click here.

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