How to prevent ice dams on your roof in Rochester NY

How to prevent ice dams on your roof in Rochester NY

Winter is coming!

If you live in the Rochester NY area, you know all too well that the Winters here can pose multiple issues that can lead to you making a claim on your homeowners insurance.

Cold, snowy weather, and the buildup of snow and ice are not ideal conditions if you want to stay insurance claim free.  

The buildup of snow and ice on your roof can cause ice daming if you do not have a well insulated attic or ceiling the sits beneath your roof. 


It's simple.  As we all know, heat rises.  In the Winter, the heat in your house will rise to the top, and if you don't have a well insulated attic or ceiling that sits under your roof, then the heat will travel all the way up to the underside of your roof.  The buildup of snow and ice on the roof will be warmed by this heat, and will met the snow and ice into water.  Then, the water can travel back thru your roof shingles, and into the house.  If you've ever had a leaky roof in the Winter, then you are probably familiar with this issue.  

Fixing the issue can be as simple as installing better insulation in your attic, and also a weather guard under your shingles.  Most contractors in cold weather climates will now install these weather guards under your shingles, so having a newer roof always helps,  In fact, many insurance carriers will give you a discount for having a new roof (typically installed within the last 5 to 10 years). 

Just remember that it's also important to make sure your attic is well ventilated.  Just because the attic contains insulation doesn't mean you'll never have an issue. Ventilating your attic means that warm air can easily escape while cool air enters.  A chute, or baffle, should be used to stop your insulation from blocking airflow.  Then, make sure that your vent is not clogged, and that is properly extends out underneath your roof soffits (which is the underside of your roof overhanging shingles at the outer edge of the roof).  

Also, air leaks can be found in a multitude of areas throughout your house which will result in warm air still getting thru to your attic.  Holes in your walls, gaps in lighting fixtures, and other open areas like a hole in your ceiling can be the culprit.  

There are many other issues to consider.  For a full review, please visit the How to prevent roof ice dams section on this topic.  And for even more detailed information that is not covered in the previous article, visit this comprehensive guide on preventing and removing ice dams for home owners.

Staying claim free on your homeowners insurance in Rochester NY will ultimately help you to keep your home insurance rates low, and in general, prevent costy, time consuming headaches.  We always recommend a professional contractor checks your roof and insulation to try and prevent any issues.  And having a newer roof can even help you save money on your current policy.  Ask us for a free homeowners insurance quote for your home in Rochester NY today.


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