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Jet ski insurance in Rochester NY is offered through multiple insurance agents and companies.  If you live in Rochester and are shopping for quotes on your jet ski insurance then you've come to the right website.  Instead of trying to get quotes from multiple companies who only have one jet ski insurance rate, you can utilize the Rochester jet ski insurance agency services of InsuranceTrak to shop multiple carriers and find the lowest jet ski quote.  

With its close proximity to Lake Ontario and plethora of surrounding Finger Lakes, access to water for boating and jets skiing is among one of the best in the state.  Riding a jet ski is tons of fun but owning one is a liability that should be properly taken care of through personal watercraft insurance.  A personal watercraft insurance policy will cover you for bodily injury, property damage, guest passenger liability, medical payments, and theft.  Liability limits start at $15,000 and can be increased to $300,000. Having insurance will provide financial protection if your personal watercraft is involved in an accident.

Jet ski insurance quotes Rochester NY

InsuranceTrak makes it easy to find the best rates for jet ski insurance in Rochester, New York.  Just give InsuranceTrak a call to get your fast jet ski insurance quotes.  A licensed Rochester jet ski insurance agent will speak with you to go over your personal situation and collect information about your personal watercraft so that they can ensure you are protected with the best jet ski insurance. 

Use the contact form on our website or give us a call at 585-282-0934 and a licensed Rochester jet ski insurance agent with InsuranceTrak can help you look at all the different options so you can find the lowest jet ski insurance quote.  For more information on jet ski insurance quotes in Rochester NY you can visit our youtube channel video.

Jet ski insurance agency Rochester NY

There are many insurance agencies in Rochester NY that offer jet ski insurance.  You can call around and get quotes from the big name companies but often those companies will only offer one quote as they only have one company to offer.  Instead of wasting your time with providing your information to all these companies for just one jet ski insurance quote each you can instead talk to InsuranceTrak.  

InsuranceTrak works with multiple jet ski insurance companies in Rochester and is a top Rochester jet ski insurance agency.  A licensed Rochester jet ski insurance agent will shop multiple companies to find you the lowest rate on your jet ski insurance.

Below are some valuable tips for jet ski insurance in Rochester

Jet skis are a popular item on waterways in Rochester. Racing up and down the Irondequoit Bay with the driver or passenger waving to people on the shore is a frequent scene during the summer. It is definitely a great way to spend a summer day. Yet, like many other sports it has risks, which lead to accidents and injuries. Below are some tips to help you enjoy a fun sport safely.  

  • Always wear a PFD (personal flotation device). This includes passengers and skiers!
  • Never operate a powered watercraft (PWC) while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Wear proper riding gear (wet suits, goggles/sunglasses, gloves, and footwear/deck shoes). "Wear wet suits to protect against abrasions, hypothermia and injuries from impact with the water surface. Glasses should be secured with safety straps.
  • Always wear and attach to your wrist a small, mouth-operated whistle.
  • Check fuel levels before starting. Make sure you have enough fuel to return to shore.
  • Operators and passengers should always keep both feet on the footrest floor. Keep your hands, feet, hair, and clothing away from the pump intake.
  • Make sure an approved fire extinguisher is aboard and in proper working order.
  • Board your powered watercraft (PWC) according to manufacturer recommendations. In case of falls, use the directions in your owners manual for "righting" your PWC.
  • Attach the stop lanyard to the PWC lanyard terminal (if applicable), and to your wrist or PFD.
  • Never operate your PWC in less than 2 feet of water.
  • Pay close attention to your speed around swimming areas, beaches, marinas, docking areas, and waterfront areas. Many of the areas are posted with minimal speed limits and "No Wake" signs. Keep a constant watch for swimmers, other vessels, and objects at all times. Never operate your PWC in or near surf zones.
  • Never go out alone. Use the buddy system.
  • Never operate your PWC after dark-or before sunrise.
  • Know your limitations and those of your PWC.
  • Always follow markers and signs, and observe the navigational rules.

Jet ski insurance by town in Rochester NY

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