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Although you are not required to have insurance to operate a business in Michigan, business insurance should not be taken lightly.  If your business is affected by a fire, lawsuit or another loss, and you don't have insurance, you could be forced to shut your doors for good. Consulting with an expert insurance agency is necessary to ensure you have the appropriate business insurance. Having general liability insurance will limit your risk exposure and protect your business in the case of claims of injury or damage caused to other by you or your employees.  

In Michigan, when you hire three or more employees (full-time or part-time), you are required to have workers compensation insurance.  Workers compensation covers injuries and illness of your employees while they are on the job.  If you don't secure workers compensation insurance coverage when your 3rd employee hits the payroll, you could be subject to hefty state fines.  For more information about workers compensation in Michigan, click here.

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For a general overiew of business insurance visit our business insurance page or general insurances visit our home page for more information.  For a guide to all states unique business insurance needs please visit our State by State Business Insurance page.  If you'd like to verify if an employer has workers compensation coverage, click here. For a list of officer exclusions to workers compensation, click here.

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