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Business insurance is very complex and if you're a business owner you should take special care to understand your unique business insurance needs.  How do you navigate all the different types of business insurance coverages to make sure that you have the right mix of commercial business insurances for your individual operation?  Not only will this website help you to answer this question, by taking some time with us here today you'll become familiar with essential information, tips, and advice for everything you'd ever want to know about commercial business insurance.  Now, let's get back to the question at hand; how do you know what types of insurances are needed for your unique business?

Commercial Business Insurance

First, you should identify what it is that your business does on a day to day basis and what kinds of products and services you produce.  Ask yourself, what are the daily operations of your business?  Do your employees ever drive any vehicles to run an errand for your business from time to time?  If they do, then your business may have exposure to commercial auto insurance related losses like an unintended accident that your employee gets in to while running to the store to pick up business supplies.  This exposure is what is called a non-owned commercial auto liability insurance exposure which is a risk that falls under the commercial auto insurance umbrella.  Just having a general liability insurance policy is simply not enough coverage to properly cover your commercial auto insurance exposure.  In this situation, it is prudent to insure your business with non-owned auto liability insurance coverage if you want to protect yourself and your business from a costly lawsuit that could put a burden on the health of your business operation, and on you personally.

Non-owned commercial auto liability is just one of many exposures to risk that you may have by owning a business.  To recap, if you want to make sure you know and understand what your risks are as a business owner, you must first identify what your business does because that will help you to understand what your particular exposures to risk are while you perform your day to day operations.  Once you know what the risks are of operating your particular business, you can move on to the next step.

Second, after you determine what the risks of loss are for your business, you can then start to establish what risks are insurable and what risks are not insurable as all risks cannot be insured.  Once you know what the insurable risks are for your business, you can start to figure out what types of specific business insurances you can acquire to protect yourself from those risks.  

Third, where your business is geographically located can make a difference as to what types of business insurances you may need to insure against risk.  

This all may seem overbearing to have to know all of your risks and what insurance coverages you need to properly cover yourself.  That is why we're just a phone call away to help you navigate through the murky waters of business insurance so that you're properly informed and insured by the top business insurance agents in the country at InsuranceTrak.  Additionally, you can even use our quote box above to contact us if you'd like to get business insurance quotes through our website or via email.  But, if you're still trying to learn on your own that's great because you've come to the right website for learning about business insurance!  Check out the wealth of business insurance information below and through the different links on this page.

Use the links below to navigate between information on different business insurance coverages, business insurance specifics by industry, and business insurance specifics by state:

  • Types of Business Insurance - Visit our 'Types of Business Insurance' page to get a breakdown of the different types of business insurance that are available in the marketplace.
  • Insurance by Industry - Visit our 'Insurance by Industry' page to learn about the exposures and coverages you should consider as a business owner for your particular type of business operation. 
  • State by State Business Insurance -  Visit our 'State by State Business Insurance' page to learn about business insurance in your particular city and state.

Business Liability Insurance Cost

Use the links below to navigate between information on business liability insurance costs, the average cost of small business insurance, to learn how much insurance cost for a small business, and to find the lowest business liability insurance quotes:

Additionally, you can always visit our blog for the latest information, tips and advice on commercial insurance lines and stay informed!

What makes InsuranceTrak different when servicing your commercial lines insurance needs?

Below we outline the key areas that differentiate InsuranceTrak from other insurance agencies to show you why we're one of the top business insurance agencies in the country.

Commercial Service Value Package:

The bullet points below illustrate our core commercial lines services which will give you a clear picture of all the advantages there are when your business partners with InsuranceTrak:

  • Being an independent insurance agency means we can work with almost every insurance carrier on the market!  This gives us unlimited flexibility in shopping the right package for your insurance needs. 
  • Do you have a tough exposure to cover?  No problem!  We can help the toughest of risks with competitive specialty carriers.  
  • We take the time to understand your business and make sure that all your exposures are properly being covered with the right insurance.  This will help to avoid gaps in coverage that could lead to expensive lawsuits and loss of significant capital.
  • Based on expectations, procedures are put in place to meet servicing needs using a pro-active approach.
  • Guaranteed 24 hour response time for policy service requests including but not limited to change of address, adding or replacing vehicles, certificate requests and any other service requests.  While we guarantee 24 hour response time we strive to service you the same day!
  • One point of contact for all servicing needs will help to eliminate confusion among agency personnel so that we can stay on top of the details of your account.  We’re on call 24/7 in case of emergencies. 
  • Assessment to ensure building property coverage limits are adequate- We’ll annually review your current replacement cost which will help to ensure your building is not underinsured and there are no co-insurance penalties that could apply.
  • Business auto insurance coverage maintenance- We’ll help to keep track of vehicle and employee schedules so that we continually ensure the proper coverage is in place.
  • Review of claims reports for high reserves will help to lower reserves and close out claims which ultimately help with keeping rates low.
  • Claim assistance- Our agency is a brokerage so we are not employed by an insurance carrier rather we work for our clients.  This allows us to be on your side when a claim happens and assist in making sure the process is expedited quickly.  If you have your insurance with a direct carrier your claim could be denied!

Feel free to contact us anytime and remember- InsuranceTrak is here to help!

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