5 Tips for Saving Money on your Home Insurance

5 Tips for Saving Money on your Home Insurance

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There are, in fact, ways to save money on your home insurance without foregoing coverage 

Here are 5 easy tips to remember:

1.    Raise Your Deductible

  • A deductible is basically the amount of money you have to front towards a loss before your insurance company starts paying a claim. The higher your deductible, the more money you will be able to save on your home insurance premiums. Some states offer different deductibles for different types of environments and whatnot, so be sure to do some research on those!

2. Purchase your home and auto insurance policies from the same insurer

  • Most of the time, companies will have special deals (saving anywhere from 5-20%) for buying two or more policies from them. Beware though of other prices on the market, for you still may be able to get better premiums from separate companies.

3. Maintain good credit

  • A consistent credit history will work wonders on your wallet. Insurers use your credit information to price your premiums. You can maintain your credit by paying bills on time, not accruing too much credit, and keeping those balances low.

4. Stay with your insurance company

  • Long-term policyholders are usually eligible for discounts (usually 5-10% for a certain amount of years). Remember though, to compare the prices you are paying to those that other companies are offering.

5.  Don’t be afraid to shop around

  • Rates on insurance premiums vary from carrier to carrier, even for the same household. Consistently compare and review your own insurance with other companies’ prices. If something seems off or if you have any questions, don’t be afraid to contact us or the insurance company. Take a look at our online quoting service if you are curious about the best rates right now!

By Craig Bruno