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Shop the best Rochester NY business insurance quotes with InsuranceTrak, the top Rochester NY business insurance agency since 2011, located in Rochester.  If you're looking for business insurance in Rochester NY you've come to the right place. As a well-known, top Rochester NY business insurance agency, we have the experience and expertise to guide you on the most appropriate and informative answers to your questions regarding business insurance inquiries in the local area.

Need a quote on Rochester NY business insurance?  Call us today to compare multiple business insurance quotes whether you're in Rochester or any of the following surrounding towns:

Below you'll find a large number of informative topics including:

  • Business insurance agency in Rochester NY
  • How to get the best quote for your Rochester NY business insurance
  • Average cost of business insurance in Rochester NY
  • How to start a small business in Rochester NY
  • Business insurance market in Rochester NY
  • More Rochester NY business insurance tips

business insurance rochester ny

Business insurance agency in Rochester NY

InsuranceTrak Services is an insurance agency centrally based in Rochester NY and services the areas business insurance needs.  Our office is located at 38 Cooper Rd in Irondequoit and is right around the corner from the historic Seabreeze Amusement Park on Lake Ontario

We have been located in Rochester since 2011 and our management team has over 50 years of experience handling business insurance through New York State.  While we are focused on business insurance issues that are common across NY State, we have special expertise in the Rochester area.

Are you a small business owner in Rochester?  If so, it would be a smart decision for you to consult with a local insurance agency like ours so that you can be confident in the experience and expertise we have with the local business insurance market.  

Below we discuss the local market, but first, we'll teach you how to get the cheapest business insurance quotes, the average cost of business insurance in the area, and how to start a business in Rochester.

business insurance agency rochester ny

How to get the best quote for your Rochester NY business insurance

If you own a business in Rochester NY, then you know that it's important to have the very best insurance you can possibly have to protect your life's work.  However, you also know that you don't want "cut rate" coverage which means you don't want to sacrifice coverage by paying less premium.  Instead, you want to make sure you have the very best coverage for your individual needs at the very best price.  

That is where we come in-  InsuranceTrak works with over 100 insurance carriers to handle a wide variety of different business insurances.  Not only can we handle different types of business insurance, we can also help many different types of businesses with their business insurance needs.  How does that help you?  Well, because we are knowledgeable about most types of business insurance, and because we have the capacity to handle a wide variety of different businesses insurance needs, it's highly likely that no matter what type of business you own, we can probably help you with your particular insurance needs.  

Not only that, we are located in Rochester which means we have the expertise of dealing with the local insurance market that most other big insurance brokerages do not have.  Being able to our years of experience in the local market helps us to give you the very best advice on how to shop for the most inexpensive business insurance quotes.

Here is a list of information you'll want to have handy when shopping for business insurance in Rochester:

  • Contact information for your business like phone number, mailing and physical address, email address, and contact names and titles.
  • A good description of what your business does, what products it sells, and what purpose it serves
  • Financial information like annual sales estimates, annual payroll estimates, percentage of sales that is sub-contracted, and number of employees
  • Location information like square footage of the space your business occupies, what year the building was built, if there are any overhead fire sprinklers on the ceiling, total value of all your business personal property, and if you own the building, total cost to replace your building

If you're looking for business insurance quotes on your Rochester NY business then look no further.  Gather the information listed about yourself and your business and give us a call at 585-282-0934 today for your free business insurance quote and consultation.

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Average cost of business insurance in Rochester NY

What is the average cost of business insurance in Rochester NY?  Well, that depends on what type of business insurance you're talking about.  Liability insurance?  Property insurance?  Liability and property insurance?  Workers compensation insurance?  There are many more types of business insurance, but below we'll provide information about a few key types of insurance.  Also, because the cost of business insurance can greatly fluctuate based on the number of employees a business has (as more employees usually = a bigger business exposure), we'll use our sampling of one employee per business.  So, here are the average costs of important business insurances throughout Rochester NY over the past 5 years:

  • Liability insurance-  The average cost of general liability insurance is $479 annually for Rochester NY businesses with one employee over the past 5 years.
  • Property insurance-  The average cost of commercial property insurance is $515 annually for Rochester NY businesses with one employee over the past 5 years.
  • Liability and property insurance-  The average cost of general and products liability insurance combined with commercial property insurance, commonly referred to a BOP, is $679 annually for Rochester NY businesses with one employee over the past 5 years.  Because the total cost of liability and property insurance combined is more than the cost of BOP insurance, this cost is lower than you might think.  The reason is because there are discounts for packaging liability insurance with property insurance which bring down the overall cost of having both insurance on one single policy.  
  • Workers compensation insurance-  The average cost of workers compensation insurance is $814 annually for Rochester NY businesses with 1 employee over the past 5 years. 

How do we know the average cost of all these insurances?  InsuranceTrak keeps detailed records of premium costs of varying business insurances for businesses in the greater Rochester area.  While we don't handle business insurance for every single business in the area, we've handled thousands of business insurance clients in Monroe County over the years so we have a solid sampling size of the local businesses' insurance costs.  

In general, it's very important to note that the average cost of business in Rochester NY for a small business with one employee is $906 annually.

How to start a small business in Rochester NY

small business insurance rochester ny

Starting a small business in Rochester NY is no easy task.  But with the right initiative and guidance you can be the proud owner of your very own small business in Rochester.  The initiative part is on you to grab the reigns and go for it, but guidance is something you can seek out.  We love to help the small businesses we insure find the proper guidance for making their dreams come true.  

For more information on business insurance quotes in Rochester NY you can visit our youtube channel video.

Below are helpful tips on how to start a small business in Rochester NY:

  • What legal structure do you want for your business- Sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC, corporation, S-corporation?  There are many types of businesses structures to choose from and each has their own unique protection and tax benefits.  You'll want to consult with an attorney and accountant to decide what is best for you and your small business. You can also set up a business corporation or LLC online.  There are many ways you can go here so make sure you get all the facts before rushing into a decision.  There are many other resources online that will help you learn how to determine the right type of business entity for your business.  
  • Business Permits- Not every business needs a permit to operate in Rochester but you may be one of them.  How do you know if you need a permit?  Visit the City of Rochester website to not only find out if your business falls under the guidelines for maintaining a permit but also how to apply for such a permit.
  • If you plan to hire W2'd employees then you must comply with the laws of New York in respect to maintaining Workers Compensation and Statutory Disability insurance.  These insurances can be purchased through an insurance agency like InsuranceTrak Services.  
  • Business checking accounts are important to open and maintain because when filing your taxes you'll need to make sure you separate your personal expenses from your business expenses.  Not doing so can put an unnecessary onus on you and your business both tax and legal wise.
  • Further guidance-  Other organizations you'll want to peruse for resources when starting your Rochester NY business are the Brockport Small Business Development Center and the Rochester Business Alliance.

Business insurance market in Rochester NY

It's tough to understand the local insurance marketplace in Rochester NY without being a resident of the city and community.  The business community has been thriving as new technology businesses have flocked to the area.  Local colleges, like RIT, Saint John Fisher, Nazareth, MCC and University of Rochester, brew IT talent that enters the ever expanding technology workforce.  Beyond IT businesses, there is a diverse base of businesses in the area and each type of industry has its own unique set of insurance needs.  For a general overview of all our services, you can get started by visiting our home page, our blog page about business insurance Rochester NY, or visit our New York specific business insurance page.

If you do happen to live in Rochester NY, then you will be familiar with the local landscape.  There are numerous mom and pop small businesses lining the streets virtually anywhere you go.  Retail is rich in Rochester and main street business is good.  Beyond the store fronts you see while driving down East Avenue in Pittsford or Long Pong Road in Greece there are many different types of businesses you can't peer inside of from your passing car.  Wholesalers, manufacturers, contractors, and other types of businesses can't been seen through your car window while driving down Main Street, but rest assured that Rochester NY business insurance is hard at work protecting all of these unique businesses from the risks of fire, theft, and other perils.  With you can learn what the insurance risks for a wide variety of industries and specific businesses.  The perils of risk for Rochester NY businesses are unique to its geography and politics.

Geography- Being located in Rochester NY means that you are in the north eastern part of the country which means snow, snow, and more snow!  If you don't like the snow, well we don't blame you.  Snow on the streets leads to unpredictable driving conditions which cause accidents in your commercial vehicle.  Snow slowly amasses on your business's roof until it gets so heavy the snow falls through and makes a water filled mess.  Snow is cold so not only will it make you shiver if you don't wear a coat but can lead to frozen pipes that burst and rupture.  As you can see, the winter conditions are always a concern for a small business in Rochester.  

Politics- Because Rochester is located in the state of New York it's subject to the age old Scaffold Law.  According to, "The Scaffold Law (NYS Labor Law sections 240/241) imposes "absolute liability" for elevation-related injuries on contractors and property owners engaged in construction, repair, or demolition work. Absolute liability means that the contributing fault of an injured worker, such as failure to use provided safety equipment or gross negligence, is virtually irrelevant in court. 

New York is the only state in the nation with such a blatantly unjust law. All other states apportion liability in proportion to fault. For example, if a worker was 30% responsible for their own injury, the defendants are only liable for 70% of the judgment."

Not only is the cost of this law stifling to the taxpayers of New York state, it drives up insurance rates.  Specifically the law affects insurance rates in the construction industry.  Workers Compensation insurance carriers have become increasingly unprofitable which drives out competition and increases prices.  At InsuranceTrak we're advocates for repealing the Scaffold Law.  The website provides a strong case for repealing the law.  Consider this citation from the website- "A recent study by the Rockefeller Institute of Government found that the Scaffold Law makes workplaces less safe and costs taxpayers over $700 million annually."

All in all, there are many challenges to consider when evaluating Rochester NY business insurance.  Considering the help of a trusted advisor at InsuranceTrak is an easy, safe, and mind-easing decision when you want peace of mind that your Rochester NY business is insured properly.  

Business Insurance by town in Rochester NY

In 2015, InsuranceTrak took to the road to visit the major towns throughout Monroe County to meet with small business owners about their liability, property, and workers compensation insurance.  The links below tell our story about our visits in each town, and provides a unique insight into the business insurance market throughout the greater Rochester area:

business insurance agencies in Rochester NY

On our first stop around Monroe County we meet up with Erin Anderson, long time dreamer turned achiever. Erin had dreamed about owning her own day care center for a very long time now. She loved the idea of working with children and finally she decided to work on her goal and open up her own business. Now Erin is in the final stages of completion and looking for a general liability insurance quote. She'd been shopping around and came across InsuranceTrak.  She was able to save 21% by purchasing business insurance through InsuranceTrak.

On our way through exploring Brockport, we bumped into Jackie, one of our many satisfied customers. Jackie came to us looking for general liability insurance for her new photography business. Swiftly, we were able to help her get an affordable quote with good coverage.  We were also able to obtain a premium that cost 21% less than other carriers' quotes she received. 

Piano first started as a hobby for Sarah Jenner but now it's here to stay for life. Sarah couldn't live without her piano and what better job can she have than a piano teacher?  Sarah started her own piano school and since opening, she has had many customers asking for lessons. Considering how many clients come in and out, she thought it would be wise to procure general liability insurance. She came to us asking for help and we were able to provide her quotes that saved her more than 20%.

Let's go to Churchville to meet one of our many ambitious clients, Michelle Yang. Michelle started her own company helping other businesses design websites. Her business was a little rocky at first but now she's really hitting it off. She decided it was time she purchase general liability insurance.  Luckily, she was in good hands with InsuranceTrak and we were able to provide her a quote that not only fit her budget but also her certificate of liability insurance requirements.

In East Rochester, we meet up with James Napa, one of our long time satisfied customers.  With the New Year coming up, James was looking through his insurance papers and realized it hasn't been updated to cover his current exposures.  James came to us looking for some help and we knew exactly what he needed.  James was covered in a jiff with a premium that was 22% cheaper than his previous policy.

Our next stop brings us to Fairport where we met with Maria who is aspiring to be a great attorney. She wants to start her own practice but knew that it would not be wise to carry on without the proper type of business insurance. Were we able to help Maria find a reasonable quote?  Click on the link above to see how we made out with shopping for Maria's business insurance to cover her new law firm.

When we met with Marcella in Gates, we were happy to find out that that her and her husband were finally deciding to turn their dream into a reality and open up a janitorial supplies store business. They didn't want the burden of taking hours to figure out their insurance needs so they turned to us for help.

Visiting Greece is always easy for us as it's a quick trip across Ridge Road and near the Greece Mall which isn't a bad place to stop in for a break. We met with Greg in Greece to help him with quotes on insurance for his web design business. Did we end up saving Greg any money? Visit the Greece business insurance page to find out.

When out in Henrietta, which is a short drive down 590 or 390 for us, we met with Jonah who has aspirations of building a software design business. Jonah wanted to make sure he had the best possible business insurance in place. So, we gave him many different options and ended up getting him coverage where he least expected it.

Kathy is an up and coming financial adviser in Irondequoit. She knew about InsuranceTrak just from driving by our sign on Cooper Road every day and when we met with her we did not disappoint. We were able to help Kathy save a ton of money on her business insurance without sacrificing coverage.

Mendon is a beautiful town and it's always nice to drive out to see its scenic nature views. While visiting with Grant, we not only took in the local beauty, but were able to save him a sizable amount of money on his business insurance for his new law firm he was opening up.

In Penfield, we met with Carter who was aiming to start an electronics repair business. We took time with Carter to explain all the different options he had and he wound up purchasing insurance through our agency.

Greg had always dreamed of one day starting a web design business. Web design had always been a passion of his ever since he could use a computer as a little kid. We traveled out to Perinton and helped Greg turn his dream into a reality.

Pittsford is a nice blend of quaint, small town feel, combined with luscious landscapes and high end homes. Everyone in Pittsford wants to look their absolute best, so keeping up with appearances is important. The need for hair salons in the area is at an all-time high. That is why Margery decided to take on her passion of cutting people's hair and make it into a full time business. We were there to help her on the insurance side of things.

Rush has a lot of rural areas that are great for capturing with photos. Sansa set out to do just that when she decided to open up her first business which was a photography studio. She consulted with us so that we could help her find the picture perfect business insurance coverage.

When we drove out to Spencerport to meet with Arya it was a sunny day which makes for a great time to look at houses for sale. Coincidentally, Arya was looking into business insurance for her real estate agency. Were we able to help?

Webster is literally right next to our main office in Irondequoit so we're no stranger to the local business market. Jeff was starting a tutoring business and wanted to make sure he had the right types of business insurance in place before he started. Thankfully, we applied our knowledge of the local area and were able to get Jeff a great quote for his business in Webster.