How to put more than one car on your auto insurance policy


Most insurance companies will offer a multi-car discount if you insure more than one vehicle on your policy.  Notify your insurance representative if you purchase or lease a new auto so that we can quote you the best price for your multiple car policy.

How this works:  There are different categories that individual insurance companies will take into consideration when projecting insurance rates for individual autos.  Every automobile is different.  Sometimes a car is considered more safe, sometimes certain cars are more expensive to fix…every aspect of each vehicle is taken into consideration when pricing your insurance premium. 

Before you purchase a new vehicle, research to see if your new auto has safety features that might influence your insurance premium.

Insurance companies will normally give you a better rate if you have certain features such as anti theft or daytime running lights.  Every feature that your new auto may have could influence your insurance premium.


Of course, your new auto will have to be insured.  Rather than take out a new auto policy on your new vehicle, consider calling your agent to see if your current company will discount your premium for insuring more than one vehicle.  Usually, the more cars you include on each policy, the more you will save (note: this varies by State). Always review your current coverage and make necessary changes that will properly cover you and your family for all vehicles. For example, ask yourself:

  1. Do you have comprehensive and collision coverage?
  2. Should I add uninsured/underinsured motorist property damage to my policy? 
  3. Are my liability limits adequate?
  4. Do I need to customize my insurance coverage now that I am insuring my cars and have new drivers

Review all your options with your insurance agent to ensure that you and your family are properly covered.

By Craig Bruno

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