How does moving affect your car insurance

How does moving affect your car insurance


Ever feel overwhelmed when you have to make a change?

Moving can cause stress and you may feel confused when you find out that you didn’t thing through all the “to do’s” related to the move.

Be prepared and know what the steps may be to keep your auto coverage going during and after the move.

Review these suggestions to help get your thoughts in order should you anticipate a move in the future.

Two months before moving day

6-8 weeks before you move out of the area, let your insurance agent know that you will be moving. You will want to discuss whether or not your current insurance company writes business in the area you are moving to and discuss any changes you should consider in your coverage based on the new area you are moving to (ex, are you moving to a busy city where you might be at more of a risk of an accident?  Your premium will most likely be adjusted if you move from the city to the country, or vice versa.  Moving to the country or rural area could mean lower premium rates as there is usually less traffic etc.

Will your average annual mileage change?  If your commutes will be longer or shorter, let your insurance agent know.   Reduced miles = savings.   Leaving a car behind, or do you have a change in the number of drivers on your policy?  Let your agency know of all these changes so your policy can be adjusted accordingly.

If you are purchasing a new home, you can usually combine your auto and home insurance with one insurer to save money!

If you need to transport your vehicles a long distance, be sure that your shipping company offers the proper insurance to cover damage during the move.

During the move, as you cross the states, your current coverage is applicable.

You will need a new license if you are moving out of state.  After you are moved, make a note on your “to do” list to contact the DMV to get a timeline for the states requirements to convert your driver’s license and auto registrations and plates.  Review the guidelines as to any testing you need to take, if any.


Make sure that you have notified your agent and your insurance company of your new mailing address so that any new documents related to your insurance changes get to you when you arrive. If you need to change insurers, jot down the end date of the new policy and the new coverage date;   make sure you do not have any days uncovered.

So, don’t get rattled at the last minute!

Be prepared…make your move easy and stress free by making those calls before your move! 

By Craig Bruno

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