Home Maintenance Tips- When to replace your hot water heater

Home Maintenance Tips- When to replace your hot water heater

Your home is most likely your largest financial investment.  In addition to that monthly mortgage payment, upkeep and ongoing maintenance have to be addressed.  At InsuranceTrak, our goal is to give potential new homeowners information on what to look for/ask about when you’re “in the market” and what to do once you’re “in the house.”

Water damage can be devastating and costly but in some situations, avoidable through preventative maintenance.  Hot water heaters vary based on quality, etc.  So a good rule of thumb is that a gas unit should last 8-10 years while an electric unit should last 15 years (they are glass lined).

It’s better to replace it as part of your preventative maintenance than to have to deal with it at 3 AM when it ruptures and bursts.  While the water damage resulting from a burst water heater is covered (after your deductible) under most homeowner’s insurance policy, the cost of the new water heater is not covered. 

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By Craig Bruno

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