Auto Insurance Spencerport NY

Auto Insurance Spencerport NY

It's so simple to get a competitive Spencerport car insurance quote with InsuranceTrak.  For years, InsuranceTrak has been a trusted Spencerport auto insurance agency.  We're a Rochester NY auto insurance agency that caters to Spencerport drivers.  As a Spencerport insurance agent, our business trip of the Rochester area comes to it's second to last stop below.

Let's grab dinner on Union Street at Spencerport! What are you in the mood for? BBQ food? Italian? The locals here rave about the restaurants they have here. Once we’re done, we can drive across the bridge and get some dessert. Be careful though, be prepared for short stops and people crossing. It’s scary to drive sometimes. With insurance having your back life can be a little less scary. Come in today and see how InsuranceTrak can help you.

Spencerport Auto Insurance Agency


Spencerport Security

Phillip Seccure works for the police force in the Spencerport community. Philip encounters many things in his line of duty, one of the more common issues being car theft. For Philip, it’s important the premium covers car theft and any other issues that may arise in the future. Being protected without giving up your whole wallet is definitely a plus for Phillip.

Phillip finds relief in our online auto insurance quoting application

Once we finally sat down with Phillip, we told him how easily we can compare the quotes to give him the best quote. Before he could say another word, we booted up our laptop and went to our homepage. Right then and there we got him a quote on his car insurance using our online quoting tool.

Spencerport Auto Insurance Quotes

Mr. Seccure's auto insurance cost versus InsuranceTrak's cost svings in Spencerport

Phillip was able to save a mouth watering 25% more on his auto insurance premium through our service. Our Trak record in Spencerport is sufficiently high, with an average of 23% savings on car insurance premiums. 

Spencerport NY Auto Insurance Companies 

Sometimes its better to have good quality rather than more quantity. We practice this in our business when we partner with insurance companies. We only partner with top rated companies that service Spencerport, New York drivers. Some of those companies include Travelers, New York Central Mutual, Progressive, and Mercury Insurance. 

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Streets look familiar? There were 18 accidents in Spencerport in 2014.

Spencerport Accidents 2014

Visit Monroe County Crash Map to see more information on auto incidents.

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