Auto Insurance Mendon NY

Auto Insurance Mendon NY

Looking to compare auto insurance quotes in Mendon?   If so, it's the easy decision to turn to a top Mendon auto insurance agency in InsuranceTrak.  As a Mendon insurance broker, our trek of the Rochester area continues below as we save Mendon residents money on their auto insurance rates.  But first, let's learn a little bit more about Mendon NY.  

Our next stop on the tour brings us to Mendon.  What was that park we all used to visit on school field trips when we were growing up in Mendon?

Ah yes, one of the most beautiful sites in Rochester, possibly even New York: Mendon Pond. Formally designated as a national landmark in 1967, Mendon Pond covers over 2,500 acres that is free reign to explore. At the end of our 17.5 mile journey to this natural beauty, we saw people running, biking, fishing, or simply relaxing. However, it would be ill-met if we were to get into an accident from being distracted by the beauty and commotion of the scene. Thankfully we didn't, and had a grand old time. But, an accident can happen to anyone.

Do you have the most up-to-date insurance?  Whether you know or not, InsuranceTrak can help you.

Mendon auto insurance agency

The Mendon Menace - Finding the right Mendon car insurance agency

Jessica Shale is the owner of a local bookstore in Mendon. Her building is located in a petite plaza with extremely limited parking. Sometimes Jessica herself can’t even get a spot at 9 A.M. in the morning! Jessica is very assertive when it comes to parking spots. However, she runs the risking of getting into a car accident every time she tries to pull in quickly. We sat down with Jessica and found out she was running rampant without real solid insurance. 

Mendon Auto Insurance Quotes

Jessica needs our help

After we informed Ms. Shale about her poor insurance, she grimly smirked and asked how we could help her. We simply showed her how to navigate to our website, find our online quoting service, and fill in the details. In a jiff, Jessica sealed herself with some great and cheap auto insurance.

Ms. Shale's auto insurance cost versus InsuranceTrak's average Mendon car insurance cost

It didn't take too long for our little Mendon menace to become a client of InsuranceTrak.  Jessica was more than happy with savings of 20% on her new car insurance.  We found on average that we can save Mendon residents 19% on their auto insurance premium.

Mendon NY Auto Insurance Companies 

Many of the companies that we bring on board to service Mendon, New York drivers have historically offered better rates, easier accessibility and better service. Some of those companies include New York Central Mutual, Main Street America, and Safeco Insurance.

Jessica can now hunt for all the parking spots she wants in peace. 

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Streets look familiar? There were 27 accidents in Mendon in 2014.

Mendon Accidents 2014

Visit Monroe County Crash Map to see more information on auto incidents.

Car insurance by town in the city of Rochester

Below is a list of towns throughout the greater Rochester area that will give you some more in depth information about the town's auto insurance market: