Auto Insurance Fairport NY

Auto Insurance Fairport NY

Fairport NY has many insurance agencies, but none quite like InsuranceTrak.  If you need to get the lowest Fairport car insurance quote then give us a call!  As an Fairport insurance broker, we continue our tour of the Rochester area below and document our story to save Fairport residents money on their auto insurance rates.  But first, let's learn a little bit more about the Fairport area.  InsuranceTrak Services is a Rochester NY auto insurance agency and serves Fairport New York's auto insurance needs.  

Fairport is home to the famous Lift Bridge on Main Street and we finally made the 15 mile drive out to see it in person. The decagon-shaped bridge is actually irregular, meaning no two angles are the same, as well as no corners are square. Weighing in at 345.8 tons, it feels truly special to drive over it. However, there can be heavy traffic and the last thing you want to do is get into an accident on this historic bridge. Luckily, we at InsuranceTrak are here to get you the cheapest and best insurance even if you do get into a blunder along the Fairport Lift Bridge. 

Fairport auto insurance agency

Fairport Madness-  Shopping auto insurance in Fairport

Jenna Barkovski is a local sous chef trying to work her way up to an executive chef position. Her intense focus and drive on her food has caused her to overlook bills and other daily chores. One of which was her auto insurance. Still driving the same old 2001 Taurus from college, Jenna unsurprisingly had the same insurance from its purchase. One bad turn could lead to the unreachable dream of Jenna becoming a top chef. 

Fairport Auto Insurance Quotes

Ms. Barkovski finds relief in our online auto insurance quoting application

We finally sat down with Jenna at The Towpath Cafe, a coffee shop in Fairport, and explained some issues with her current auto insurance policy coverages. Needless to say, she was not pleased. We quickly aided her step-by-step to get the cheapest and most reliable quote using our online quoting system. The next thing we knew, Jenna had a policy she could brag to her Fairport friends about, and could go on working toward her culinary dreams. 

Ms. Barkovoski's auto insurance cost versus InsuranceTrak's cost

Another satisfied customer! Jenna walked out of the office with a savings of over 21%. We have a known "Trak" record of saving Fairport residents 18% on their car insurance premiums.  But, for Jenna and many other clients we try to go the extra step to get as much savings as possible.

Fairport NY Auto Insurance Companies 

Sometimes it may get hard to choose between insurance companies as there are so many options. However, we try our hardest to only work with the insurance companies that really care about their clients. Over time, we've determined that our insurance carriers not only have historically offered better rates for drivers in Fairport than other companies, but also truly care for their clients.  In Fairport, some of those companies include New York Central Mutual, Adirondack, Progressive, and Mercury Insurance. Ms. Barkovski can now rest easy and focus on her work knowing that she is safely insured.

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Streets look familiar? There were 5 accidents in Fairport in 2014.

Fairport Accidents 2014

Visit Monroe County Crash Map to see more information on auto incidents.

Car insurance by town in the city of Rochester

Below is a list of towns throughout the greater Rochester area that will give you some more in depth information about the town's auto insurance market: