How to protect your roof from snow and ice dams

How to protect your roof from snow and ice dams


This winter has been a tough one to say the least.

Thankfully, subzero temps and snow will be out of our weather forecast soon.  

Look forward to celebrating "the big melt" … welcome warmer temperatures!


As snow begins to melt from your roof, it can severely damage the inside of your home.

Here are some suggestions that you may want to consider before the big melt makes a big mess*

RAKE YOUR ROOF...ongoing general maintenance can prevent ice dams from building

AVOID ICE DAMS...if these have already formed and cannot be easily removed, sometimes cutting channels into the ice can divert the water to the outside, instead of melting under the shingles and into your house. There are also chemicals that are available and may be helpful with the melting process. 

ICICLES...falling icicles can cause damage and injuries. Remove icicles.

*For any of these projects,  always consider hiring a professional.

About Ice Dams…

OH, What a mess!!

You should know...Because the temperature changes throughout the winter  months, layers of ice form  one on top of another thawing and refreezing at the edge of the roof.  Water gets trapped within these layers and has nowhere to go.   This is the water that can escape through the roof and into the ceilings and walls of your home.  Over time, this can be a very expensive repair and can be a returning problem year after year.  


Here are some long term solutions that you can invest in to correct this problem.

1.  Adding insulation will reduce heat loss in your problem areas

2.  Clean snow and ice from your roof on a regular basis to avoid ice and snow build up that      could result in the buildup of damaging ice dams

3. Discuss your ice dam problems with a trusted roofing company to seek suggestions if you have ice dam problems in specific areas.  

NOTE:  some snow and ice removal projects can be dangerous and professional care should be considered.  Many roofing companies offer these services.

By Craig Bruno