Flood Insurance Rochester NY

Flood Insurance Rochester NY

April 30th, 2017

Flood Insurance Rochester NY

If you live in Rochester NY, and you've watched the news at all in the last couple weeks, you know that there are some serious flood concerns right now for homeowners that live on Lake Ontario.  

Just yesterday, Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo, spoke publically about the rising water level on the shoreline of Lake Ontario.  Flooding of homes and other establishments on the shoreline of Lake Ontario is now a major concern for many residents of Monroe County and surrounding upstate NY areas.

One way for these residents to protect themselves from flood damage is to purchase flood insurance.  Flood insurance can be purchased to cover damage from flooding to the following:

  • the house itself
  • detached structures like garages and sheds
  •  contents or personal property, within the house

We were recently featured in a 13 WHAM ABC news story where we commented about flood insurance as our agency is very familiar with the complexities of flood insurance.  Flood insurance is a unique product that is backed by the NFIP, and it's a myth that your homeowners policy covers flooding.  You actually need a separate flood insurance policy.

If you live on the shoreline of Lake Ontario, you should consider getting a quote on flood insurance, but you should know that once you purchase a policy, there is typically a 30 day waiting period before the policy coverage kicks in.  So, as water levels continue to increase, the time is now to act on getting flood insurance in place.

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