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Common Misconceptions About Insurance


Insurance is one of the better forms of investments in today’s world. It protects us from the uncertainty we all face in our lives. There are several types of insurance that will help you in various fields. We are InsuranceTrak, a leading imdependant insurance agency in Rochester, NY. We have insurance for everyone, be it personal insurance to safeguard your home/auto/life or business insurance to protect your business. As often occurs in today’s world, there are skeptics who doubt the value of insurance. This has led to some common misconceptions regarding insurance.

We list some common misconceptions about insurance. If you or someone you know is a spectic please read on and we’ll give you additional information that may have you look at insurance differently.

  • I am safe from such incidents: If one sits down to make a list of “over-the-top” statements, this particular one often tops the list. As humans, if there is one thing of certain about the way our lives go, it is the very uncertainty of life. Where finance and health are involved, one can never predict what might come our way. It's a great thing if you stay safe throughout yur life and nothing bad occurs to you, your loved ones or your business. But, considering the rarest of rare chances of that happening, insurance should be a must-have.
  • I have enough savings to stay protected: Another misconceptions often heard. Everyone realizes that we have to start saving asap but unfortunely, most of us put it off one one reason (good or bad) or another. Also, after retirement the income stream becomes severly limited- not the time of your life where you’ll want to “start over again”. Not just the lack of income, but the inflation is often neglected while putting together the idea of savings. One should keep in mind that there are several glitches that life has to offer you and inflation is just one of them. Insurance can help keep you afloat even during these times.
  • It's too expensive: Insurance isn’t free but what is that can protect your life, your family’s well being, the savings we ta;led about above, your business, etc.. Imagine your business “feels the heat” quite literally (we hope it doesn't) and is reduceds to ashes for some reasons. Proper insurance will protect you from the debt and loss of income in the most realistic manner. The premium might look “too expensive” at the start of it all, but once we realize the amount it covers, things should be much clear.

These are some common misconceptions or excuses people have for not carrying insurance. An insurance policy can turn out to be a life saver at times when you least expect it. It provides a sense of financial relief and peace of mind. As a leading insurance agency in Rochester, NY, we make sure our clients understand the true meaning and benefits of insurance and use it to the maximum. In case you are still wondering about the “expensive” point, there are tricks to reduce the premium.