Choosing the Right Insurance Agents

Choosing the Right Insurance Agents

How do I select the right insurance agent?

Selecting the right independent insurance agency can be a little challenging sometimes. There’s a lot to consider!  It can be overwhelming. You might want to know if the agency is reliable, are they able to get you the best quotes, how is the customer service and much more. There’s a lot of insurance companies out there but not every company is a perfect fit.  Once you choose one and move on with the process, you will realize how important it is to choose the right independent insurance agent as it can be a long term relationship. Here are some tips on selecting the right insurance agents:

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1. Know the difference

An independent insurance agency works along with many other companies to find the client the best matched coverage and price.  Independent agencies will provide you several premiums to choose from. “Captive” insurance agents, on the other hand, work for a single insurance company. They provide you with only one premium to choose from.

2. Ask for referrals

Start at home. Ask around your family, friends and colleagues what their independent insurance agents are like.  How is their customer service?  How many companies do these agents work with?  Are these agents accessible?  Experienced?

3. Decide if location is important to you

Many customers prefer to have their insurance agent within their community that way they can stop in and ask questions or get help with a claim. Decide if location is important to you.

4. Visit Website

Their websites are tyipcally full of information that may help you on your journey. You can read about the history of the company, tips on saving money, advice on choosing an insurance agent and more!

5. Look for credentials

Insurance agents have credentials to prove they are qualified. On their business cards, look for designation abbreviations next to their name such as Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC), or Associate in Risk Management (ARM).

6. Get to know your insurance agent

Interview the independent agents you plan on working with. Get to know their work ethic and personality. This can be important as this relationship can last for years.

7. Ask Questions

If something is unclear, it’s okay to ask questions. Your insurance agent will be glad to answer them.

By Craig Bruno