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5 Questions you Need to Ask Your Life Insurance Agent

If you have started a job and earning a salary, you might be thinking of investing in life Insurance. Life insurance can give you a peace of mind and protect your love ones. You can feel safe and more importantly, backed up. But, how do you approach an insurance agent and what do you ask? Should my life insurance agent have a physical presence in my area? For starting it out, you should always deal with an insurance company that has a physical presence in your area. For instance, if you are living in Rochester, you should opt for life insurance in Rochester, NY so that you can get up to date information on your policies and get prompt responses whenever you have questions. What questions should you ask your insurance agent?

If you are opting for life insurance in Rochester, NY, be aware of the company's physical address. Visit the agency; here are a few questions that you can ask.

  • 1. Term or Permanent: If you have been looking for insurance, you must have come across these terms- Term and Permanent life insurance policies. Your insurance agent will review the pros and cons of both and tailor a product based on your current life situation. It is advisable to review the details and the reasons for his suggestion. Term policies are especially good for financial obligations that end, like a home mortgage. Permanent policies are good for planning family needs or retirement. You should ask your insurance provider to give you a proper explanation as to why he thinks one is better for you than the other.
  • 2. Benefits: Before signing the documents, you must make sure that your policy benefit helps your loved ones in the case of your unfortunate demise. You need to ask your insurance provider to give you details about what will happen and to choose the right beneficiary.
  • 3. Premiums: Premiums charged are important when it comes to insurance. You should be clear about the premiums and payment methods before signing the insurance document. Generally, the premiums for term policies are lower than that of permanent ones.
  • 4. Medical Tests: Earlier there used to be a need for medical tests irrespective of your age and need. However, these days there are companies that don't require any medical tests. If you are asking the agent for your life insurance in Rochester, NY, you need to know of any medical requirements and tests that will be required to make your coverage active.
  • 5. Exclusions: Before you sign up for a life policy, know that there may be policy exclusions. The policy terms, prices, and exclusions may vary widely depending on the policy type. In general, insurance companies have a general layout for each type of policy they sell. Ask your insurance agent to explain any events that may be exclusioned in your life insurance policy.

These are some of the basic questions that might be of help when you meet with your insurance agent. Feel free to ask your agent anything that might be important in your personal situation. If you are from Rochester, look for a life insurance licensed agent in Rochester, NY. This simply means that the physical presence of the insurance company will make this journey more comfortable and your choices smarter. Now that you have some basic questions, you are all set to find a suitable insurance policy for yourself.

5 questions you need to ask your life insurance agent